Welcome to my blog!  Click the box in in the top right to access my categories.  This blog is dedicated to my schoolwork at the RPC.  I will post all my essays for school and things that are not pertinent to school on my blog.  Please feel free to post a comment on my blog.  […]

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Poem #5

LIberals, accurately described in one poem.  You might not want to read this if you are a Lib-tard. The liberal is a most curious man, Though oddly for himself he does quite well. He is the most backwards and insane man In the ideas he tries to sell. He believes to raise the taxes And […]

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Poem #3

Dystopia – an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. A new day once arose With golden streams through the boughs. With the lights twinkling off on high, And a lamp in the eastern sky The ground was lighted, upon which stood Enormous beasts […]

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Poem #2.5

Concerning Perseverance: Running, faster, panting yard Slowly, gradually, yard by yard. Hotter and hotter the sun, so slower and slower I run. I feel that the opponent has won; I feel that the race is done. I fall to my knees, begging please, I sit there and I wheeze. My competitor passes me, and I […]

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Poem #2

This poem is called Corn (as in “corny”), and you should be able to tell that I came up with this in just a few minutes. This is not any prose Doesn’t this make you want to doze? And I’m very cold when it snows! Bees do Buzz Peaches have fuzz And how many things […]

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Poem #1

In a world of queens and kings, In a world where the fair lady sings, One to rule them all, Once the fall, The Lord of the Rings Bree in the Shire, This situation is dire. We must proceed To do this deed, And Restore the Empire The King shall return And Gondor shall not […]

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